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           Our Quilted & Framed Barn Blocks depict traditional quilt blocks marking the Tennessee quilt trail.  Also available are the Civil War Series Blocks, commemorating the 150 Anniversary of Civil War.   

          These 12 x 12 quilt blocks are pieced individually, quilted then displayed under glass in custom handmade cherry wood frames ready for display.  Included on the frame is a brass plate with the name of the quilt block. Appearing on the back of the frame is the information about the history and origins of the block.   

                 Quilted Barn Blocks  Signs are seen on Barns, Businesses, Museums and Visitor's Centers throughout Tennessee. Many Quilt Trails have themes.  For example, Athens TN has the Civil War Heritage Trail featuring quilt blocks representing the Underground Rail Road in their historic downtown.  Others are chosen simply because the block is a family favorite.  All are displayed to create a tourist trail that is fun and educational.  

               Civil War Block Series recreates the quilt blocks commonly made during the conflict between the north & south.  They are made from period reproduction fabrics, individually pieced, quilted then displayed under glass in custom handmade cherry wood frames. Included on the frame is a brass plate with the name of the quilt block and inscribed, Civil War 1861 - 1865.  Appearing on the back of the frame is the information about the history and origins of the quilt block.      Including some our original designs 

              Civil War Soldier's Cot Quilts  are a re-creation of the common  4 1/2'  x  7' cot quilt made during the conflict between the north & south.  This size was designed to fit the soldier's sleeping cot and be rolled up to carry on their back from battle to battle.  Many soldiers were buried in the their quilts which resulted in very
          few original civil war quilts surviving.  
          The soldier's quilts where generally made with basic fabrics and very simple patterns.  Men's clothing, feed and fertilizer sacks, old blankets, uniforms, wool, suits, coats, twill flannel, sleeves, pocket-flaps and pant legs were all used to make quilts. 

          Tennessee Quiltworks is proud to recreate the look and feel of these special quilts. Which are made from Civil War Reproduction fabrics using traditional quilt block patterns of that era.  Cotton batting and tied.  Great for reenactors and civil war enthusiasts.

                  The Haversack  is the soldiers best friend.  This Civil War reproduction Haversack is made from heavy black & white ticking and is lined with muslin or grey suiting. It's strap is approx 52" to fit across the body. Tapestry haversacks are also available.  
               The Housewife:  Civil War Sewing Kit is one of the essentials of the civil war soldier and a much needed item for the Reenactor.  Our Civil War reproduction Housewives are made mostly from homespun fabrics are lined with sturdy fabrics.  Each has a pouch pocket for momentos.  They fold or roll for easy storage and tie with grossgrain ribbon. Includes vintage buttons, safety pins, needles and thread.

              Period Rag Doll:   Miss Hattie, she might have been a playmate to a little girl in the 1800's.  Her body is made of muslin and stuffed with polyfil.  Miss Hattie's dress is made with period reproduction fabrics with her white apron.   She is a pigeon-toed companion and she is ready to play.  Clothing is removable.  Additional dresses can be custom ordered. Check out our online store!
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